This is a proposal for a future educational environment for design students. We studied different tasks of design students and categorized them into different activities. Instead of generic classrooms, our design solution is several workspaces for specific categorize of activities with common elements shared in between. After separating different spaces we designed details of each space including layout, furniture, lighting, and decoration.

I learned how to consider design as part of a system. High level structure, and details that fit within this structure. Its a physical information architecture design. 


Problem Observation:

- Classrooms for design students in BUPT are the same with other classrooms, which are not suitable for design training.

- When students have a class discussion, some of them have to turn their back, or stand in the aisle.

- Classrooms, prototyping labs and sketching studios are in different buildings, which is inconvenient.


Elements Analysis:

What elements will be included in a design classroom?

  • Projector
  • Desks, chairs and podium
  • Space Collocation
  • Light
  • Work equipment
  • Artistic style

What are the main features of the classroom?

  • Hand drawing
  • CAD work
  • Prototyping lab
  • Lecture
  • Group discussion

What elements will be included in each functional area?




3D Model:

Physical Model:


3D model rendering
High-fidelity prototype
Physical model


User Research
Elements analysis
3D modeling
Physical model making


Adobe Photoshop
Autodesk 3Ds Max
Cutter and adhesive

Project Info

Type: Product system design
Time: 2012/3
Location: Beijing, China
Teammates: Yiwen Zhong, Yu Xu, Yuan Zeng


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